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What is Stamp?

Stamp lets you share experiences with others, in a few fun taps. With Stamp, you can instantly create a ‘Passport’ of personalized recommendations, and share it directly with your friends and family.

Looking for an experience of your own? It's just as easy to request a Passport from anyone you know, and conveniently store it in your digital ‘Briefcase’.

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Develop the perfect experience, using the perfect template. Stamp makes it easy to assemble a group of recommendations, for any theme or purpose.

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Exchange experiences with just about anyone. Use SMS, email, or social media to share your recommendations with others.

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Request recommendations from those ‘in the know’. You can store custom Passports in your digital Briefcase, and keep track of your progress over time.

Stamp passport showcasing the best coffeeshops in Toronto Quickly obtain directions and reviews to a recommendation within Stamp Stamp allows you to easily share your passport via SMS, email or social media


Quickly obtain directions to a recommended location using Maps.

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Easily view Yelp reviews for any recommendation on your Passport.

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Uber (soon)

You’ll soon be able to request an Uber to your destination directly within Stamp.


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